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Man-cave/bike-room Project

So we’ve decided we’re not going to move house. We’ll be extending the house instead. As part of the negotiations, I’ve managed to procure myself a “man-cave”, as part of the renovations.

We’ll be bricking-up the current carport, to make it a solid room for myself. And we’ll build a new carport at the front, to replace the old one. So this room will have direct access from the carport (useful for bike rides), and also internal access to the house. No longer do I have to go out to the freezing shed in my lycra to grab my bikes. I’ll keep my bikes and bike wardrobe in the man-cave/bike-room. I can get changed and just hop straight onto my bike and roll out directly through the front door access into the driveway.

I’m creating this post so that I might get (constructive) input from you guys, including Mr Inner-City Trendy and Mr Interior Designer. If you guys remember my carport, it has a steeply-gabled colorbond roof, with supporting wooden lattice framework. I plan to keep the “industrial design” theme. I won’t hide the wooden lattice with an internal ceiling, and I’ll leave the walls as bare-brick. The front remote garage door will stay, but I’ll create a “foyer” area just behind the garage door, and build a secondary door or screen to section off the “foyer” from the main man-cave. It’ll also be a useful wind-barrier to stop leaves blowing in, when the garage door goes up. It’s kind of like an “air-lock” or “transition” zone.

As this project gets underway, I wouldn’t mind some input from you guys regarding things like:

- flooring choice

- light fittings

- screen/door

- bike storage options

- bike gear storage/wardrobe

- furniture (couch/daybed, coffee table, etc)

…and anything else you can think of.

I haven’t measured the exact dimensions yet. It’s the typical width of a single garage and about 2 car lengths. So maybe ?8m in length.

YPR #75.2 Korean BBQ

We managed to find a place with an alfresco Korean BBQ table. Would be great for winter with an all you can eat buffet option too. Just have to get there before 9pm as the limit is 90 mins for the buffet and they close at 10:30.

Oh yer, and we pedaled around a bit beforehand too.
Geek: Present
Keith: Present (with his Too Fast Too Furious neon bike lights).
HP: Slacker only came for dinner (and he wouldn’t even settle the bill for us! :) )

YPR #75.1 Grilled

Geek: Present
DJ: Present
Keith: “Preparing” for an interview (but was present for dinner).

Highlights were:
- I actually seemed to have pushed DJ to the point of breathlessness for once…
- Eating our burgers on the benches because Grilled was about to close (and we sat around too long last time stopping them from packing up)

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