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Calorie control

Early Sunday morning, no milk and no bread in the house for breakfast, so I took a walk out to the IGA. I grabbed my stuff and went to the checkout register. A amply-proportioned woman just was already there with maybe her lunch for the day, a Lean Cuisine beef lasagne… and three large chocolate bars… and a big bag of cream puffs… and a 600ml iced coffee.

So how’s that weight loss program going?

More vaseline on the camera lens

Note to self: remember to bring something to do next time I have to visit a public hospital.

Just spent the whole morning sitting down, waiting, getting up, sitting down, waiting…

I had to go to the Eye and Ear again for a follow-up visit to check my iritis flare-up. The emergency department was a bit busier so it took nearly three hours this morning compared to just over one hour on Thursday evening. I should have asked them to refer me to the private eye clinic which I attended two years ago since they already have my history. Problem is now they have to ask me the same questions and run the same tests which I have already done before. HLA-B27? I already tested positive for that 5 years ago. QuantiFERON? No, I don’t have TB. Let’s get some blood and test for that again. Chest x-rays? No, I don’t have any respiratory conditions. Let’s get some X-rays of your chest anyway, and your sacroiliac joints too while we’re at it.

So after spending the morning sitting down in seven different chairs while three nurses and two doctors administered drugs, flashed lights in my eyes and stuck needles in my arm, I went and sat down in another chair so that one old barber could cut my hair.

You know you’re getting old…

… when you start talking about your medication with your friends.

On gift cards

I received a WISH gift card a few months ago for a rather sizable amount so I’ve been trying to use it up for a while. It works out well for me because I can use it at the Safeway supermarket near home and near the office.

Now that I have it down to the last few dollars ($8.15 as of this post, to be precise), I’m having some trouble buying something to cover the rest of the card. According to the FAQ on the website I should be able to spend more than is left on the card and cover the difference with cash or credit card. However, the last two times I’ve tried to do this the self-serve checkout returned an error. Just then at lunch, I actually tried to buy a couple of things totalling as close to $8.15 as I could but I miscalculated and went over by 15c.

This is annoying me somewhat. Yes, it’s only $8.15 but I refuse to leave it unspent and let Woolworths Limited have my money.

It’s a wonder I get any work done

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